Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

  • Chris Fry
  • 07/24/22

Demand for real estate remains high as many continue to relocate or invest in additional properties. The market in Manhattan, especially in popular neighborhoods like Tribeca, is booming with an influx of interested buyers.

If you’re interested in selling your piece of Manhattan or other NYC real estate, you want to ensure it’s marketed in the best possible way. The good news is that low inventory in the Manhattan market means your home could stand out to buyers because there aren’t that many properties on the market. However, you still want to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward and presenting your home in a way that buyers can easily find and won’t be able to resist.

If you want to learn more about how a realtor could help you market your home, check out these top reasons your realtor needs to have strong marketing prowess.

Buyers are researching online

Nearly half of home buyers search online for available properties, whereas less than 30% of buyers start their search by contacting a realtor. By researching Tribeca homes for sale, buyers feel they can get a sense of the properties they might be interested in. It’s also quick and easy to do. So if your home isn’t properly marketed online, you risk missing out on reaching a huge portion of your potential buyers. Your realtor should know how to best market your property, so it gets seen by as many people as possible. That means knowing how to show it off online through photography and videography on listing sites.

You can tell if a realtor has savvy marketing skills by looking at how they utilize social media. Are they present on platforms like Instagram and Facebook? What kind of content are they sharing? A realtor who is a master marketer won’t be sharing posts about their personal life or only sharing success stories. Instead, they’ll be producing helpful content for potential clients. Their posts may provide insight into the NYC real estate market, highlights of nearby neighborhoods—including Tribeca and available homes for sale, or tips for house-hunting.

Knowing how to advertise to homeowners is key

Realtors also need to know how to advertise to homeowners looking to invest in Manhattan real estate, which boils down to creating the perfect online listings.

They must understand what current buyers are looking for—is your newly renovated home with a gourmet kitchen? If those are high-value features for buyers, your realtor should highlight them. If your home has less desirable features, like a small main bedroom or no balcony space, your realtor needs to know how to advertise your home in a way that draws attention toward other features.

The best form of advertising for realtors can often be their website and portfolio. Nothing speaks volumes like seeing the properties that a realtor has been able to sell or reading testimonies from past clients. If you want to ensure your realtor is a master marketer, ensure they have a robust online presence with a professional website.

The right price can be a marketing strategy

Your realtor should be an expert at setting the right price for your home. By completing a comparative market analysis, your realtor will estimate the value of your home based on homes of similar size, style, and features in the area. With the right price, buyers will be more inclined to click on your listing and take an interest in your home. If your price is too low, buyers may wonder if there’s something wrong with the property. If the price is too high, your listing could sit on the market for much longer than necessary.

Website traffic can help your home sell

Working with a professional realtor with marketing experience means your listing could get far more interest than it would otherwise. Realtors who are savvy at using their websites and driving traffic there can, in turn, funnel that traffic toward your listing. Most real estate agents will have a website tab highlighting their current listings. If your house is one of them, you’ll gain buyers from listing platforms and those who visit your realtor’s site.

The right listing platform makes a difference

Being a master marketer involves knowing where your target audience is going for information. So when it comes to buying and selling homes, your realtor should know about each of the top real estate listing platforms. They should be able to suggest which platforms will be best for your property, whether it appeals to a broader audience or is specific to the luxury market.

Summer real estate marketing ideas

Summer is a critical time in the real estate calendar, as many people look to buy during the warmer months when they won’t have to move in the snow or when the kids are out of school.

Real estate agents should be prepared for the influx of activity during the summer, ensuring they have a thorough marketing plan to boost posts or highlight new listings. Realtors who want to boost their network can get involved in summertime events in the community or even post regular live streams of open houses they’re hosting. When your realtor uses online marketing and stays active in the community, it can help more people find your listing and act on it.

When you want to add your home to the list of Manhattan and other NYC homes for sale, work with a realtor who has experience successfully marketing similar homes in the area. Real estate agent Chris Fry is one of Manhattan’s top realtors, having successfully sold more than $2 billion in residences. Committed to gaining his clients’ trust and working with dedication and enthusiasm, Chris is determined to help them meet their real estate goals. So whether you’re buying or selling in Tribeca or any of NYC’s other bustling boroughs, give Chris Fry a call.

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