A Multi-Family Investment Oppurtunity


This proposal is from a client that has a large portfolio of 15,000+ rental apartments in the Tri Borough Area and has been in the Multifamily Business for over 30 years as well as 5 Million SF of commercial space. Due to the clients extensive experience and knowledge they are presented with many interesting opportunities and seek capital joint venture from a strategic partner on each opportunity. 

For clarity purposes the parties will be named as follows: Capital Investor and Client.

**All representations are provided for illustrative purposes only and have been compiled  from sources deemed reliable. Though information is believed to be correct, it is  presented subject to errors, omissions, changes and withdrawal without notice.


The Capital Investor would invest 30% of the purchase price in cash and the Client would secure financing. 
The portfolio would be held in an LLC.

The Capital Investor would have a preferred rate of return until all of their Capital was returned in 4-5 years. 

The Client would maintain and property manage the asset.

At the breakeven point of 4-5 years, the asset is refinanced and Capital Investor has 60% Ownership of the Investment and the Client the remainder.

The Asset will continue to be held and managed by the partners accuring value and income proportionately 60/40%

Exit Strategy: Investor receives all of their Investment back in approximately 4-5 years. 

The Future Sale (if any) of the property or of the Investors Ownership % is not currently defined and would need to be defined before entering into the partnership. 


Purchase Price: $100,000,000 
Capital Investor: $30,000,000 CASH
Asset Gross Rent: $10,000,000 
RE Taxes/Expenses/Vacancy: 55% of Gross Rent (Approx: $5,500,000) (Hard costs to run and operate)

Debt: $2,000,000 (3% of $70 million)

Remaining Income after Debt & Expense Service: $2,500,000 (100% of profit goes to the investor)

Capital Investor Return: Investment: $30,000,000

Year 1: $2,500,000 to investor 7-8% 
Year 2: 11-12% back to investor 
Year 3: 16-18% 
Year 4:  Refinance of asset and Capital Investor has 100% of Investment Returned and Owns 60% of Asset. 
Loans are typically 5-7 years in length

Pro’s of Multi Family Investing with this Client

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